About us

Apex Cleaning Mcr LTD offers top-notch house cleaning in , UK.

About us

Welcome to our premier house cleaning service in the United Kingdom! We believe a clean home is a happy home. Our friendly, professional cleaners work diligently to keep your space spotless.

We offer a comprehensive range of services including home cleaning, commercial cleaning, window cleaning, and more. Let us help you create a sparkling, welcoming environment.

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Our mission

Our mission at Apex Cleaning Mcr LTD is to provide exceptional house cleaning services that create spotless, welcoming spaces for our clients in , United Kingdom. We strive to meet your unique needs with our range of services, ensuring a clean and happy home or workplace.

Our values

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Customer Satisfaction

We put our clients first, ensuring their homes and spaces are clean and welcoming.
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We show up on time and do the job right, every single time.
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We use the best methods and products to deliver top-notch cleaning services.
a person using a vacuum to clean a carpet


Our team is trained and dedicated to providing excellent service with a friendly touch.
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We tailor our services to meet your specific needs and schedule.
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We build trust through consistent, high-quality work and open communication.

Experience a Clean Home

Our team in Newham makes your home shine.

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